June 20, 2023

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Phone: (703) 239-4425

Adele McClure, Candidate for Virginia House of Delegates, Wins Democratic Nomination in Arlington’s 2nd District

ARLINGTON, VA – With support from a broad coalition of voters and community members, Adele McClure has emerged as the Democratic nominee to represent Arlington’s new 2nd District in the Virginia House of Delegates. McClure earned strong backing from district residents, receiving ~90 percent of the votes according to unofficial results after polls closed for the June 20 primary election. 

“I want to thank people across Arlington and the Commonwealth of Virginia who supported our bold, grassroots campaign,” McClure said. “I’m so excited to have your support and I know the work is just beginning. Advancing our movement to create more opportunity, uplift communities, and improve lives requires us to strengthen our resolve to champion the cause of those who have been overlooked and underserved. That means pouring our energy into not just this race, but also to the cause of flipping the House of Delegates and growing our majority in the Virginia Senate so we can pursue community-minded legislation that builds on our progress moving forward.

During the primary election, McClure attracted robust support from progressive organizations, elected leaders across Virginia, labor unions, local activists, and her neighbors. The accumulation of that broad coalition demonstrates widespread confidence in her ability to be an unyielding advocate for the people of Arlington and the issues that matter most to the community.

McClure launched her people-powered campaign 18 months ago with a singular purpose: to build a ground-up movement that centers diverse community voices and prioritizes their needs to build a stronger, more inclusive Arlington. “Tonight’s results are a direct reflection of the might of people working together to elevate their voices.” McClure said. “So many people have invested their time and effort in building this movement. I am grateful that this campaign gave me the opportunity to connect with thousands of voters across all 20 precincts in the 2nd House District, hear their concerns, answer their questions, and share my vision for a Virginia that is more equitable, inclusive, and vibrant.”

The issues that inspired voters to support McClure in the primary are the same issues McClure will focus on in the upcoming General Election, including breaking down barriers, protecting access to abortion, expanding workers’ rights, gun violence prevention,  increasing access to safe, affordable housing, securing significant funding for life-saving mental health and substance use disorder treatment, and other essential services.  

“I’m incredibly appreciative of all the hardworking staff, volunteers, voters, and the broad coalition of grassroots organizations and leaders that supported this campaign,” McClure said “Thank you for placing your trust in me to represent you and your values. Heading into the November general election, we will work together to bring all voices to the table,  lift up those who have been overlooked and marginalized, and help lead the way to achieve lasting, transformative change.”


Adele is the daughter of a resilient early childhood educator and the daughter of a Filipino immigrant who served in the U.S. Army. She was raised on the Route 1 Corridor/Richmond Highway in Northern Virginia where she experienced poverty and periodic homelessness not far from where she currently lives in Arlington, an experience that has made her a fierce advocate for vulnerable populations. Adele is a relentless fighter for justice, an LGBTQIA+ activist, and a long-time Arlington community leader and civic volunteer. Through the lens of her community activism and her many lived experiences, Adele has worked with advocates, stakeholders, and members of the Virginia General Assembly to draft, pass, and implement legislation that breaks down systemic barriers, expands human rights, and improves access to services for people in Arlington and across the Commonwealth of Virginia. She would serve as both the first Black person and the first Asian person to represent Arlington County in the Virginia General Assembly.

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